ENCHANTED by Rafael Bueno Peluqueros

Ein Spiel von Dunkelheit und Licht, Kontrasten und Refelxionen, Prismen, die unsere Wahrnehmung verändern und die Person strahlen lassen …

"The play of lights, with contrasts and chiaroscuro, reflect reality from different prisms, transforming what we perceive.
When everything is stained black, and darkness spreads around you, do not panic, do not move away, do not complain about it, because if you were also darkness, you could not distinguish it outside of yourself, you can only do it because you are light. It is still there, just like the stars that cannot shine without darkness.
The hair is shown differently in each image due to the different effects of the light on it. The same look can seem dazzling or enigmatic just from the way we light it up. A metaphor through hair and light about ourselves and our perception of reality."

Rafael Bueno Peluqueros


Hair: Rafael Bueno Peluqueros
Hair Assistant: Moyses Utrera
Photography: Carlos Caf
Make-up: Lulú Pérez
Styling: Silvia Hidalgo
Model: Anastasia